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  • 2 Hour Session includes rental of skates Party Tables 1 Nuggets and Ch...

    160 South African rand
  • 2 Hours Session includes skate rental Party Tables 1 Single Cheese S...

    185 South African rand
  • 2 Hours Session includes skate rental Party Tables 1 Candy Floss 1 S...

    140 South African rand
  • 2 Hours Session includes rental of skates 1 Small Pizza 1 Slushy 1 C...

    160 South African rand
  • 2 Hour Session includes rental of skates Party Tables 1/2 waffle with...

    170 South African rand


Party packs available on request

Special Events - contact us for quote

Birthday Party Package Policies

Payments, Refunds, and Cancellations:  A deposit is due at the time you reserve your party package. Party packages are non-refundable. In cases of emergency, the party date may be rescheduled by submitting a contact form minimum of 72 hours before the date of the original reservation.

Changes: While we cannot guarantee that you will be able to change the details of your party order after the time of purchase, we will try our best to accommodate your needs.  Requests to make changes to your party details must be made a minimum of 72 hours before the date of your party by submitting a contact form.

Guest Count: Party packages are as per the book amount.  The booked price does not decrease if you have less than booked attending. All ages are welcome to be included as guests in the party package.

Party Timing: When making your reservation, you will choose a time to start your table reservation is for 1 hour Skating is for 2 hours at our venue. You may skate the entire Open Skate Session during which your table reservation takes place.  

Party Table: You will have access to your party table for 30 minutes starting at the time you selected when booking your event. Table assignment is at the sole discretion of AJ's.  Early access/reservation extensions are not available. Due to space limitations, access to the party table is limited to the guests included in the booking.  Your Party Host will clear the table throughout the table time and at the end of the table reservation.  Please be considerate of our staff by giving your best effort to keep the party table area clean and tidy during your reserved time.  Party poppers, confetti, streamers, glitter, and silly string are not allowed.

Food and Beverages: The food/beverages ordered as part of the package will be served during your table time.  Party packages do not include birthday cake; you are welcome to bring a cake or cupcakes to serve during your table time.  Please bring your own candles and matches.  A cake knife will be provided.   No other outside food/beverages may be brought into the rink, no exceptions.  Cakes/cupcakes may only be brought into the Roller Rink by guests with a birthday party package reservation. 

Guest Guide Skate at Your Own Risk:  Roller skating is a physical activity with an inherent risk of injury; by participating you assume the risk of injury.

To secure your booking you may book online or contact Julie on 0648446345 a 50%  non refundable deposit is required, balance to be paid on arrival. 

Or contact Julie on 064 844 6345 for special requests. 

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